Sister Linda Ngaujah's Testimony Of Heaven And Hell

Prior to this experience, she didn’t believe in any revelation of heaven and hell, but all false beliefs were shaken out of her when she was tormented by demons in hell.

Linda Kumba Isatu Ngaujah (now Linda Ngaujah Rika) is a woman from Sierra Leone. She says she died on February 15, 2013 and was taken to heaven and hell to witness some fearful and dreadful things. Prior to this experience, she didn’t believe in any revelation of heaven and hell, but all false beliefs were shaken out of her when she was tormented by demons in hell.

Part 1: Entering Hell

Linda was not saved before she died, and she went to hell. Immediately after she died, she found herself walking carelessly with many people along a wide road, not knowing where they were going. She was wondering where she was, since she was just in her parlor a minute ago. Then she realized she was approaching the gate of hell, which was very wide and dark in the shape of a mouth. She felt the blast of heat come out of hell, which made her body temperature go way up, and she heard the loud cries of the damned souls inside. They were screaming for mercy, and so this crowd she was walking with began to cry out, “Mercy!”

Although it was very frightening, and she didn’t want to continue, it was as if there was a magnetic force drawing her and all the other people toward hell. They all knew it was hell, but they didn’t have the power to run back. Then she saw the huge demons at the entrance that were heavily armed with many weapons. As soon as they came out, she cried, “Lord Jesus, have mercy!” because they are fearfully made with tails and nails that were sharper than knives. One of them came and dug his giant claws into her back, piercing right through her body, and began to drag her. These demons are brutal without any pity. In fact, when she cried and shouted, they were laughing, enjoying her cry. Although she attempted to struggle free, her efforts made absolutely no difference, since she was helpless and powerless in the hand of this hideous demon.

She was brought inside the gate, where it was pitch dark. People were screaming things like, “Oh, my head!” and “It’s too much!” and “Lord, have mercy!” They even begged the demons, “Please have mercy upon me!” Some are shouting, “Oh, my eyes!” “Oh, my tongue!” or “Oh, my stomach!” Everybody’s complaining of pain.

There was dense smoke and the smell was worse than anything you can imagine on earth, even if you took the odor or dead bodies and combined it with the worse smells of earth. She felt her body painfully melting like plastic in the heat, and she was yelling, “Please, leave me alone! Have mercy! Oh, Jesus!” The demon said, “You people choose to come here! We will deal with you today!”

Tortured In Hell

The demon brought her to a certain place and said, “I’m going to torture you, before I throw you in the fire, and I will start with your head. I will torture you for your stubbornness!” She wondered what she had done with her head to deserve punishment. And the demon said it was because she had put attachments* on her hair, so they tortured her for that by piercing her head repeatedly at different angles with red hot irons. She said she used to love hair attachments* so much, before she went to hell. And if the Lord had not taken her to experience hell, no preacher could have ever convinced her to stop using them. No matter how expensive it was, she would buy it. She always wanted the latest fashion — chains, eyelashes, trousers, fake nails, etc.

She was tortured mercilessly by cruel demons, who mocked her and told her the specific sins she had committed that gave them a right to do that. They knew her whole life. She had been a fornicator and had abortions, so they tortured her for that with a sharp spear-like object up through her genital area. She had liked to drink alcohol, so they made her drink acid from a beer bottle, which melted her throat and stomach until her bowels gushed out.

The demon asked her why she didn’t know the Bible said she shouldn’t do these things. She replied that nobody told her, her pastor didn’t tell her, and she didn’t know it was wrong. But they laughed at her, mocked her, called her a liar, and said, “You don’t read the Bible? Did your pastor tell you not to read your Bible? Did he tell you it’s a sin if you carry your Bible and read?” So then she lied and said she didn’t know, because she didn’t go to school, and did not know how to read. Then he laughed, “Ahaaa! Even if you are not educated…Since you were born, becoming a Christian, in all your life you never heard it just once that someone told you it was wrong? Ok, they don’t preach it in your church. But have you never visited another church, or looked at a newspaper, seen (someone preach on) TV, or heard someone tell you that those things you were doing were sin? There’s no excuse in hell!” And they reminded her of those who had in fact warned her. They said, “You people are stubborn! You disobey God! We will deal with you here!” Anything you say, the demon will remind you, “Remember that day. So and so was telling you that was bad? Do you remember the day when sister was telling you the way you are dressing is bad? So don’t say you didn’t know, or your pastor didn’t say, or you didn’t read your Bible. Just keep quiet!”

At that time, they were heating an iron pitchfork until it was red hot. The demon said, “We are not finished with you yet. We will torture every part of your body that you polluted.” When she cried out to Jesus and to her pastor from hell, the demons laughed and said that nobody controls them down there, so they can do whatever they wish.

Burning Inside The Fires Of Hell

She was poked from behind with the red hot pitchfork, causing her to jump into the fire, which was like a giant pool filled with millions of souls, who were all fighting each other, pushing, shoving, and screaming in pain. She was in such intense pain for quite some time, crying out for mercy. “Ohhhhh! Fire! Fire!” The fire was coming out of her eyes, her mouth, and her ears. This kind of fire does not exist on earth. Her body parts were melting from the intense heat and falling off. But then they would come back, and the process was repeated. It was terrible! But eventually she found herself being lifted up by someone gently and slowly out of the fire.

Taken Out Of Hell

She said, “I started to see myself lifted up out of the fire. I thought I was going back to another punishment. I was crying, naked. Fire was passing through my vagina, coming out my mouth, my ears. Fire covered my whole body. I felt raw pain! Raw pain! I was coming out of that fire like this (her arms uplifted, head back, and face twisted with pain). I was coming up, and I thought I went to another place. And then I saw a man with a white gown, standing in the road like this. I just landed before the man. I just looked at the man (shaking her head in amazement). The man looked at me like this. He shook his head. I started to follow the man hopelessly like this. I didn’t know where I was going. And then I noticed a lift (elevator) or something like this was coming up with us, and we landed in a road. That’s the time I came to know that hell is down. We landed on a narrow road.”

Entering Heaven

“This man continued to go. This man continued to walk, and I continued to follow Him. When we had been lifting up, everybody had been crying. I left hell and I was following this man…the gate alone attracts you. When I saw this gate, I forgot about the pain in hell. I started to say, ‘Ha! Which kind of gate is this? Which kind of beautiful, beautiful gate is this?’ Ah! Oh! My whole body got cold. I forgot about the pain in hell. I didn’t want to go there again. I was just wondering. I saw something like a spirit that was coming. They were not walking. They were coming like this. When they got close, I saw big feathers – they were angels. Angels were being around me. They just came. They did not say anything. They started to touch my body. Immediately they gave me a body that looked like glass – glorious body. I thought, ‘What kind of body is this?’ I started to admire the body, and I forgot about the man closer to me. I’m watching the body, ‘Ha! What kind of body is this? I like this kind of body’”

“Immediately the gate opened wide. When I tried to focus my eyes, the light came and flashed – ‘Pow!’ It was so bright — more than all the lights on this wall. I fell down on my knees. I could not stand the light. I said, ‘Ah! Which kind of light is this?’ I was doing like this to cover the light. When I tried to block the light, the light would penetrate to my eyes. Ah! I said, ‘Which kind of light is this?’ A mighty voice came out of that light, and said, ‘Welcome, my daughter, Linda.’ On that road where I was, there was an earthquake. Heaven was shaking. I said, ‘Ha! Who has this kind of mighty voice like this? Who can talk and the ground is shaking? Everything is shaking. Who has this mercy?’ That was the thing. I was totally ignorant. I only knew Jesus. I didn’t know how mighty, I didn’t know how glorious He is. I said, ‘Ha! Ha! Which day is this?’”

Jesus Introduces Himself

Then I opened my eyes, and saw a man from the feet with golden sandals…I started to see these feet. ‘What kind of big feet are these? What kind of golden sandals? Ah! Ah!’ I started to look at the feet. Let me see the end of these feet. I started to go. I started to go. I raised my head up, and I saw a mighty Man. The light of the face of Jesus was brighter than the sun. I said, ‘Ah! My eyes! Who carries this kind of face?’ It was as if, you know if you pierced the wall and all those (beams of) light come out of those holes? This is how the light came out of Jesus’ face, as if they pierced his face. The light was shining brightly. I said, ‘Ha! Who is this Man that carries glory like this!’ Hey!”

“And then He stretched His hand out and at that time I knew it was Jesus. When he stretched His hand, I saw a big hole in His hand. And then He put His hand like this, before He raised me up. He said, ‘I’m Jesus, the Son of God, the One that died and lives again. I’m your Savior.’ He raised me up. When I touched the hand of Jesus, my whole body was cold as if they put me into the (walk-in) freezer – a cold I’ve never felt in my life. All that pain they gave me in hell, that pain from when they beat me, that punishment they gave me, everything settled and it was peace and whole (cold). And then Jesus raised me up. Immediately I filled up with tears. I said, ‘God!’ I burst into tears. I saw the innocence of this Man! I started to cry. I said, ‘God, have mercy!’ All my sins reflected in my head (went through my mind). I said, ‘God, I don’t deserve this! God, have mercy!’ I started to cry. I was just crying. He knew why I was crying. He just said, ‘Let’s walk.’”

Exploring Heaven

As they walked together, she says, “I looked behind Jesus and saw the mighty angels behind Jesus. I said, ‘Ah-ah! Which kind of big angel is this?’ And then me and Jesus kept on walking. When I walked down the street of heaven, it was bright and glorious and wonderful gold. I said, ‘Huh? So this thing is true when they say that gold is (covering) the whole place in heaven! The streets of gold! In heaven is the street of gold.’ And Jesus was just watching me.”

“And then we were reaching a different section of houses. Plenty, plenty of houses! And then I stood like this. I said, ‘Hey! Jesus is not a liar. He did (make) houses there in heaven. When we were small (children), they said that when we get there it would only be one big field, and everybody would be praying. ‘Everybody would be praying. Jesus would be praying. Hell is enjoyment.’ This is how they used to tell us those lies like stories. When I saw heaven now! When I had read the Bible, it says, ‘Heaven… mansions.’ I’d say, ‘Huh?’ (But) when I saw it with my own eyes, I saw mansions! When I entered Dubai, I said, ‘Dubai is fine like sister Claire said. Then after I saw heaven, I don’t see the mansions…the place. Sometimes I say, ‘God, take me now. I’ve delivered the message. Let me go to heaven. Please! I like that place!’ The place is so full of peace and joy! You see great streets. You see flowers. None of them are growing ahead of (higher than) this one or the other one. Even the flowers in heaven have order. All of them are the same shape. All of them are the same way. You see the water is passing through – fresh water. You see the breeze. The air in heaven, I don’t know if it’s cold or hot. Hey, you see the kind of beautiful buildings you are seeing.”

“And when Jesus tapped my body, He said, ‘You know the owners of this building?’ I said, ‘No, Lord Jesus.’ He said, ‘These are the believers that died, and they are in hell.’ (I wondered), ‘Hey! Who are these people that missed this kind of house?’ He said, ‘These are the people that were in Me. They believe in Me. They love Me, but they come to a time they don’t know they will soon die. They backslide, and they enter the world. The world carries them and satan carries them. They don’t know they are passing through their last temptation on earth. Sometimes I give hard times to people to test their faith, before I call them. They don’t know they are passing through that wall. Then they go away. Then they die in their sin without repentance.’ I said (crying), ‘Hey! God!’ And then I put it in my own heart: ‘If Jesus did not take my sins this woman won’t be there, because these days everyone wants to get married…everybody wants to go do fashion.’ And the women, people will be provoking you in the church, ‘Holy, holy, holy!’ This is how they mock. You pass by and they say, ‘Women for husbands and men for money!’ See they have missed heaven and this is there place. And God said, ‘They are now in hell. Let me show you another place.’”

“We started to walk and I saw many, many different mansions. But this certain house, I liked this house! I said, ‘Ah! Which house is this? I like this house!’ Then Jesus said, ‘These are My people on earth – people that are evangelizing for Me, people that are winning souls for Me.’ And I said, ‘Huh, Lord Jesus? Just to evangelize and win souls for You?’ And He said, ‘Yes. But let me tell you the kind of evangelizing of people I’m talking about.’ He said, ‘They have two types of evangelizing people on earth. Not the ones…These are the type of people I’m talking about. They wake up in the morning, and when they are doing their things, all they want is for Me to get happy. Lord, give me the grace. They win souls. They take their own money, and they bless the work of God. They make crusades. They do things. They seek Me first, because they know that in Me, everything is in Me. They use their own money, their own time, their own energy. They don’t look for money. They don’t look for anything. They go out and win souls! They use their own time. Even sometimes when they evangelize to somebody, the person says, “Well, I don’t have transportation to come to church.” I see them. I’m in heaven. I’m seeing everything. They will use their own last money to give the person that they will use to come to church.’ He said, ‘These are the sons and daughters I’m talking about. But not the ones who say, ‘God, I want to evangelize, but I don’t have money. Please give me transportation. Father, bless us first, before we do a crusade. We want to go attack that place, but God, we don’t have money.’ He said, ‘These are funny people!’ I said, ‘God, I will do it.’”

Mary Caring For Aborted Children

“And then the Lord Jesus started to walk. When we were walking, I saw many children. They were surrounding one woman. And Jesus said, ‘Do you know this woman and these children?’ I said, ‘No.’ He said, ‘These are the aborted children you are aborting on earth.’ Plenty, plenty children! Countless numbers! He said, ‘I want you people that are aborting children to see the children.’ He said, ‘And do you know this woman that she is talking to?’ I said, ‘No.’ He said, ‘This is Mary. Now you people that are worshipping her on earth: Mary is nobody to be worshipping. Mary is not interceding for anybody here. I will send you to Catholic churches.’”

The Throne Of God

“And then I saw a light that was coming from a far distance but brightening the whole heaven. I wondered! When I looked inside that light, I saw the dew with a golden chair inside. And then Jesus said, ‘You know that place you are seeing?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘This is the throne of My Father.’ I said, ‘Huh?!’ He said, ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘So this is true when they said the throne of God, the light coming from God is brightening the whole heaven. This is true?’ He said, ‘Yes.’”

The Angel Michael

“When Jesus took me one way, I saw a mighty angel standing closer to that throne – a mighty and big angel. You could see the angel so high. The legs of the angel, dressed like a warrior to fight a war, having weapons on his body. And the angel was not even smiling, but he was so handsome and beautiful. I said, ‘Ah-ah! Jesus, who is this angel?’ He said, ‘This is angel Michael. When you go back to the world, My righteous children, they will tell you why angel Michael is dressed.’ I said, ‘Hey, hey!’ I was standing watching angel Michael. I saw the feet of angel Michael. No wonder Michael is a warrior angel. He looks strong, and a mighty angel.”

A Message From The Lord For Mankind

“And then Jesus said, ‘I will send you back to the world.’ I started to cry. Ah! I said, ‘Lord, I don’t want to go again. I don’t want to go.’ He said, ‘Ha!’ He looked down at me and said, ‘I hate selfish children. You did not deserve to be here.’ I said, ‘God!’

He said, ‘I will give you a message to the world. Your place is hell. You did not do anything for Me. You were a prostitute.’ I said, ‘Lord, I was not a prostitute. I’m not a prostitute!’ He laughed and smiled. He said, ‘See, your ways and My ways are not the same. You think a prostitute is only a woman that goes down to the beach and waits for men. A man picks her up and has sex with her. Yes, they are prostitutes. But let me tell you who I call a prostitute in the sight of God. Any woman that is committing sex — doing sex, doing fornication – that is not legally married is a prostitute. When they die they will go to hell. I made sex for only couples – only husband and wife. And any wife that is leaving her husband – is cheating on her husband – is a prostitute! And any husband that is leaving a wife, having sex outside of his marriage, is a prostitute. That’s why many of them are tripping to hell – even pastors are doing this – they are tripping to hell. So these are the people I call prostitutes. So you’d better tell it in the world.’”

“And then He said, ‘I will send you to the Church. My Church is dirty! I will tell you why my Church is dirty. And I will give you a message to pastors that are helping the devil to dirty my Church. I will tell you the secrets the majority of them are doing in this Church, why my Church is dirty, the things they are using in the Church.’ And then Jesus stretched His hand like this and showed me a mighty church, a mighty church! And He started to show me different churches, different pastors preaching – white, black, Chinese. When He’s doing this, it’s like your watching a (photo) album. The screen appeared. It was so big and white. You can see the world. No wonder Jesus is Lord! He can see everybody in the world. And then He said, ‘See, all of you in this Church – the Church today – you are left following yourself in sin.’ He said, ‘See the way My children are dressing. They dress naked to come into My presence. Even My shepherds, the pastors, they are not warning them. They are just encouraging them to come. Everybody’s lusting in the Church. Pastor is lusting for the sister. The sister is lusting for the brother. All of you are dressing naked. All of you are falling for each other. My Church is dirty! This is not My Church!’”

“He said, ‘Go and tell them: Any pastor or pastor’s wife, any member, any one of Me that says they are following Christ, anyone that is putting on this Jezebel property….’”

“He said, ‘You say you see how they torture you in hell. I was here seeing how they were torturing you, because you deliberately say you don’t believe. These things are not of Me, My daughter. That’s why I made them torture you. And I’m going to show you who is the founder of that property. This is Jezebel property!’”

“He said, ‘Go and tell them: Any pastor or pastor’s wife, any member, any one of Me that says they are following Christ, anyone that is putting on the property of Jezebel, that are carrying the property of satan, will never enter my kingdom. Go and tell them, because I will tell them all, “I know you not.” Nobody that is defiled will enter my kingdom. Many of them are changing their color. They are putting on bleaching cream. Tell them anybody that is lying, you are carrying false property on your body. They are telling Me – Me, their Creator — that I did not create them well. I know what is good for every man. Tell them they will not enter My kingdom! Any woman, even when I say a woe unto them…Me, their Creator, even when I say a woe that is because they are not afraid of Me, say that…because of trousers, I will throw them in hell. Tell every woman that is putting on trousers, I say woe unto them…Tell them to stop listening to those pastors. I told them that antichrist pastors will come. So if they are listening to these evil pastors that is telling them, “God said that there are women’s trousers and men’s trousers,” I’m the Judge. I will judge them that day. They will tell Me either there’s a pastor they were listening to or Me. Tell them any woman that is putting on trousers, or any man that is putting on the property of women, and a woman who is putting on the property of man, I will cast them into hell! Tell them, My daughter, all of them that are carrying (these things) on their body, tell them I will cast them into hell! These things are not of Me. I’ve laid curses on these things from their forefather’s generation. Tell them!’ I said, ‘God, I will tell them. They will not believe.’ He said, ‘My sheep hear My voice, and they follow Me.’”

“Jesus said, ‘Tell My people, “Any bishop or wife, any man of God, any signs and wonders man of God, any pastor’s wife, who’s putting on these things [she points to her head, referring to hair attachments*]; any prophetess – even if she prophesies to thousands of people – is putting on these things [she points to her head, referring to hair attachments*], she will not see My face. Any woman, in and out of the Church, putting on trousers, putting on eyelashes, putting on [she points to her head, referring to hair attachments* or any unnatural hairdo], earrings, gold teeth, tattoos, false fingernails, bleaching the skin, bleaching cream, you will not see God. Tinting (dying) of the hair, perming of the hair, stretching of the hair (you want it to look light and nice), you will not see God’s face.”

“[The Lord] said, ‘Go and tell Catholics that are worshipping idols, they’re occultic people. They are evil people. They are not of Me. Go and tell Jehovah’s Witnesses with their false doctrine they are not of Me. Tell White Garment people [Celestial Church] they are not of Me. Linda, My daughter, I’m sending you back to the world. Tell the women I’m sending you to in the world, tell them to take away their fashion. All this fashion is not of Me. All these women who are challenging their husbands, they say they are the head of the household. Tell them they will not see My face. All these men that don’t love their own wife, they are beating their wife…Tell them they will not see Me, because they are disobeying Me. I told them to love their wife like I love the Church. And I said to women to submit. Tell them, there’s plenty, many of them are carrying spots and wrinkles. Many of them they do not know what is restitution. I will tell you what is restitution, and you go and tell them, because many of them have spots on their body. They should do their restitution. They should clean their self!’ The Lord was saying it in an angry voice.”

“And He said, ‘Tell them I’m coming sooner than they expect.’”

Part 2: Second Visit To Hell

Jesus went with me to hell this time. When I was with Jesus, the brightness of Jesus was very glorious. Jesus have light all over His body. When we entered that dark place (Hell), I was seeing. I could see, this time, the people in hell because of the bright light on Jesus (Jesus is walking with a bright light, a glorious light).

And then, Jesus opened my eyes to see some of these men and women in hell. Jesus gave me message to Sierra Leone. He said if I should have come in December to January only five people in Sierra Leone would have raptured, five only. That includes the three righteous pastors and five other people in and out of the church. When I said this in Sierra Leone, people said it is lie.

Jesus said Sierra Leone is polluted; that the shepherds he gave the word to preach to His people in Sierra Leone are dying to meet God, but majority are in hell. So Jesus sent me to Sierra Leone.

When we were in hell, Jesus showed me a glass-like aquarium with people inside it, the souls of human who are still on earth are in that glass inside hell. These are people on earth who are working for demons. We have some people on earth who don’t believe anything, they are on their own, doing all sorts of bad things, even pastors who knows the truth but are bowing down to Satan. They are partakers of Satan’s communion, their souls are in that place.

Muammar Gaddafi In Hell

And Jesus pulled out a man from the fire and he introduced himself to me. He said, “I am Gaddafi” (because you won’t recognize him because the fire has destroyed him. He said, “I am Gaddafi, former Libyan president.”

Gaddafi said, “Tell my Libyan people to worship Jesus.” He said, “Tell my people to believe in Jesus.” He said, “Ah Jesus, have mercy, I never knew you are the right way, have mercy on me.” He said, even the people who killed him on earth, he doesn’t want them to come to hell. He said, “Tell my people to believe that Jesus is the right way.”

He also gave me another message (why he gave me this message is because, he said, the entire mosques he built on earth should be destroyed and turned into churches so that people will glorify Jesus and maybe the punishment on him in hell will decrease). Because anything here on earth that you build that does not glorify Jesus Christ, that does not glorify God, that does not make people to come to their right Father (hotels, bars, etc.), anything sinful in the world that you build (when you die, you leave these things on earth). People will be there doing all sorts of evil things, as far as people are enjoying these places, or practicing all sorts of evil things, in the place that doesn’t glorify Jesus Christ, the demons will increase the pain on you in hell.

So he said, “Please so that the pain will decrease, I know if people will worship in my mosque, if they will call Jesus there, maybe the pain will decrease.” And Jesus said, “It is too late.”

Lansana Conte In Hell

I saw another president (Former president of Guinea). Why Jesus showed me these presidents is because He gave me a message for Sierra Leone president. When I met my Sierra Leone president, he loves God. He obeyed the message. I thank God for his life, because men of God were saying all sorts of things, but the president obeyed the message of God.

President Lansana Conte, former president of Guinea, he said, “Tell my people in Guinea, let them have Jesus over Guinea, and let them turn to Jesus because Jesus is the only way.” He said where he is, he doesn’t want anyone to be there. He said, “tell my people to believe and trust in Jesus.” He said he started a cult that he was sponsoring and he was also in the cult. He said he wants the people to destroy that cult, let them come to Jesus.

One famous Lawyer that died: Usher Williams. He was the deputy speaker of House of Parliament in Sierra Leone House of Parliament. He was in one cult, they call the cult in Sierra Leone “Louch” and he was in devil business, ordaining devils. He said I should tell his “Louch” brothers that they are heading to hell, all his cult brothers that died before him, he saw them in hell. He said, “Please destroy Louch, destroy these devils.” He said, “turn to Jesus, He is the only way, hell is real.”

I saw one prophet: Prophet Mani. He was the owner of the Burning Bush, that man said he would die but that he would also rise up after three days. And when he died, they took his body to the mortuary, his congregation said that they should not bury him. After three days he did not rise again, he was there for one month until the mortuary people said they should come and take their corpse away.

I saw this man in hell. He said, “tell the people that I did miracles and signs and wonders with communions. These communions, those anointing oil, I ordained them and dedicate them to the demons.” He said, tell them to go to a church where they can be delivered or else if they die they will go to hell because I ordained them for Satan. Satan was the one giving me all these powers.” “And tell them to destroy my church because the foundation is from Satan, everything up to the roof is from Satan.”

Whitney Houston In Hell

I saw one woman – a musician I liked so much – I always listened to her music when I was in the world – Whitney Houston. She said, “tell my mother to take my only daughter to church, that all the finances I left behind should be used to support God’s work. Let them support Jesus’ ministry, let them support holiness ministries, let them support God’s work. Let them support Christians – the right Christians. She said she wants her child to grow in Christ and know Jesus. “Please tell my mother.” “Jesus, please have mercy! Let me go back to the world and tell people that you are real! Let me tell these musicians!” And Jesus said, “It is too late!”

I saw my biological parents in hell. My mother, my father and even my grandmother that just died this January ( I don’t like talking about them) – sobs – it is very painful. It is only the grace of God, I don’t like talking about hell, some times when I am asked to come and give testimony, I don’t like to, because I know I will reach this part. And one day, Jesus said, if I stopped preaching His word, He will destroy me. So I always pray to Jesus, whenever I stand to give this testimony, to give me the boldness and strength, because any time I think of my parents, I loved my mother so much but she didn’t know Jesus. She was crying; she said, “Please I miss you guys, tell your sister to follow Jesus, I don’t want you people to come here.”

Please mothers, don’t leave your children behind, you know the truth right now, take your children along the way of the Lord Jesus Christ. I didn’t recognize my mother anymore. I don’t want to go to hell (I love my mother so much). I used to say anywhere my mother is, I want to go. When Jesus showed me my mother- I don’t want to go to hell, I don’t want to be with her there.

Don’t go to hell, hell is not a place for people like us. And Jesus showed me a young boy, about five or six years old, because of witchcraft, God say I will judge all men. When Pastor Ken Paul said a child can go to hell, I argued in my mind that God would not do something like that, but God showed me this boy, a small boy, because of witchcraft.

Satan is wicked, now if you go to crusades in Sierra Leone and they say witches should come out, you will see small children. When you are coming for a program like this, don’t leave your children behind; come with them so that Jesus will deliver them. If you leave them and they die, they will go to hell, no matter how small they are; as long as they have sense and know what is bad and good.

I saw another woman who was in Thailand when she died. She was a believer in Jesus but married to a Muslim, then backslid. She said I should tell her daughters, “I loved their father so much and trusted him, not knowing that this man was in occultism.” He sacrificed his wife. She said, tell them to go out and stand firm in the church, in Jesus who is the only way. She gave me the man’s name and address.

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Sister Linda Ngaujah's Testimony Of Heaven And Hell
Prior to this experience, she didn’t believe in any revelation of heaven and hell, but all false beliefs were shaken out of her when she was tormented by demons in hell.
NaijaPicks - News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Business and More
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