University Student Confesses To Have Infected 324 Men With HIV

A female student in Kenya has reportedly confessed to have deliberately infected 324 men with the deadly HIV virus, saying she is on a mission to destroy the society by infecting 2000 more by the end of this year.

Among the 324 she claims to have infected, 156 are students, 3 politicians and the rest are married men, lecturers, lawyers, some celebrities among others. She says not a day passes before she has sex with at least 4 men and without protection.

The unnamed young lady also adds that she is on a revenge mission because it's the same men that destroyed her life by infecting her with AIDS. She is only 19 years and she is in 2nd year.

Read her story below;

"I'm 19 and a 2nd year student here at Kabarak University. I joined this college a virgin though I have had boyfriends before,my parents are strict so having sex was never on my mind. September 22nd, 2013, is a day I will never forget, we went clubbing in town and got drunk with some senior students then went back hostels for party around 2am.

"I remember waking up naked to a guy called Javan with my private part painful and I realised he had sex with me when I was drunk. I only asked if he used a condom and he said yes.

"However, when taking bath i noticed sperms down there, i wanted to commit suicide, i feared getting pregnant and HIV, I took drug and hoped i was HIV free.

"In November, I tested HIV positive, I felt like cutting off my neck. I confronted the guy and he insisted he was clean that I got it from somewhere.

"I was so depressed and took alcohol to die. I even bought poison,the pain was just unbearable. How was I gonna face the world? I let my parents down. I gave up on the world and just wanted to end my life.

"Something came up in my mind that I should revenge. I hated men and I didn’t want to be near anymore. My future had been ruined, somehow someone had to pay.

"After a private therapy sessions, I gained strength not even my parents, friends knew of my conditions even up to now.

"I accepted my fate and promised to make all men I come across suffer. i know I am attractive and both married and  unmarried men chase me left, right and center, luckily,  my body has remained good and if anything my curves got better something you men like.

"I buried the good girl in me and became the bad girl. My goal was to infect as many as possible.  So far, since December up to now, I have infected 324 men and I make sure to note down there list which I secretly keep. I plan to release it when  I will be on my death bed.

"I know I have nothing left to do on earth but to wait for my death but before i do, men will get it.

"My target is over 2000 by the end of the year, pregnancy is out of question because I am on contraceptives. So I just do raw which most men here love. They don't even question because my looks and body work greatly for me.

"Out of the 324 I have infected so far,  about 156 are students here at the college, the remaining are married men outside, lecturers, lawyers, some celebs and 3 politicians. Not a day passes without me having sex, mostly four people per day."

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201 comments for University Student Confesses To Have Infected 324 Men With HIV

  1. Lord have mercy

  2. goodness!

  3. This idiot must be investigated, found and be killed. Can the kenyan govt hire me to get rid of this monister woman before she reunites with the devil?

  4. please stop, just accept Jesus Christ into your life and he will heal u completely. isaiah .53:3-5, mat.4:23 mark.8:41-56. pls go tru all these scriptures and invite Jesus to come into ur life and heal u. i command that terminal disease called HIV to destroyed now from ur body in Jesus name. you are healed right now in the name of Jesus

  5. U r hurting but what u r doing is pure evil. You cannot revenge someone who never did you wrong, u r preying on mens weakness so that u can fulfill ur selfish desires of revenge. Get help and stop what u r doing. U r a murderer and u r just hurting urself in return. Cos u are taking away fathers, brothers and friends from other people. thats not ryt

  6. Sister there is hope for u,God is intrested in ur soul just accept jesus as ur lord and personal saviour

  7. my sister wat u are doing is not ok in the eyes of God. remember our life here on earth is just a journey and our destination is heaven so wat you are doing will make it very difficult to reach the destination. just stop wat u are doing and accept Jesus as your saviour

  8. Ohh God

  9. Ohhh my God u so cruel gal that's not good at all

  10. Lord, Intervine!

  11. Lord have mercy

  12. You are a true personification of EVIL.

  13. Try me u poes!! I wil cut ur pussy into pieces then u wil die better

  14. Wht u r doing s distroying ur life being HIV+ s nt d end of d wrld all u hv 2 do s 2 accept d situation n 4give d infector ts d biginning of ur life u wil die eaRly f u hv daT baD aTtitude cioncetrate on ur life u will live long n also pray 2 God 4 4giveness n long life use protection d

  15. Not only u are ruining every "guys" lives but ur also killing your sisters because these men will unknowingly also infect other women... Save yourself dear by not sleeping with anyone as that will also allow you to have a longer life living healthy and enjoying life just as any human being living with (flu, cancer, or any unknown illness) until God remembers you then ur day would have come jst as any person not knowing for how long they gonna live... It would be sad for you to carry on wanting to "destroy" the Nation but only ending up living for the next 50yrs suffering from what you have added to your illness. Hope you do get a wake up call dear.... Love your brother from South Africa

  16. I just wish God can take u know so u don't infect more,u r evil

  17. Jesus please come back now. Your world is full of evil peoples now!!!

  18. U will die young my sister... u nid to grow up and accept dat u sick n live a positive life, infecting ppl wit HIV will only kill u and u are very young. Think abt your future.

  19. No hle

  20. I am 18 years also infected with HIV, I know what u're going through. Infecting others won't get rid of the disease. It will only lower ur self-esteem. I am doing first year, but I didn't let HIV give up on life. It's not the end of the world. Yes I am scared to tell my parents but I am planning to tell them since I've found out it February and I am at school. I told my cousin and friends. Don't torture urself like that. There are people who cares about you, I have a bf he didn't leave me after knowing my status and instead supported me. HIV is not a death sentence. I know we feel like we have disappointed our parents

  21. Evıl ıs at play here! She's punıshıng the wrong people all because she's angry and hurt...[Lord please help thıs chıld

  22. True but we deal with pain in different ways. I don't acknowledge what she is doing. She needs help

  23. Fuck wanya no matter wat u do bicth u will ever be negative. The fucked up part is that if u infected more than 300 People. U have fucked up more than 1000 people's lives. Just die the world does not need people like u.

  24. Oh God hav Mercy,, Satanism

  25. Never fight fire with fire
    You still very young and u can have a great future if u accept Jesus Crist as ur Lord and savier its never too late u killing innocent students lawyers politicians leaders and future leaders of the world....
    Don't be self-centred think abt all the ppl u hurting and u not only inffecting men coz they gonna sleep with ur sisters too think abt wat u doing Nyoso

  26. Wow

  27. Oh God ,why are you punishing the nati0n?

  28. please My Sister don't do what the devil would do, because he doesn't want people to develop and become better beings. Please Humbly so.

  29. Is it worth it

  30. The day u drank alcohol u desapointed ur parents girl!because they never tought u to drink,then u got drunk n slept with a man without a condom knowing that aids,pregnancy n other sex dieses can ocure.Now u want to destroy men because of ur bad behaviour.!! Girl u sick n u need help.You brother will also hav e HIV coz u spreding it trust me.Jah guide n protect this young beautiful lady,I ...from RSA

  31. Lol she's absolutely hot she is in the goop position to do that wroud abot it.

  32. you having HIV is not end of the world you lack knowledge, People with HIV live normal life, Marry, bear kids, and all that. all you need to do before is too late is get neutral virus medication and be taking it daily. if you marry your husband and kids will never have it and ask God to forgive you for the people you have effected.

  33. U don't know her

  34. r u aware that infecting married men wil also infect thre wives. Have sum sense n stop being selfish. Its nobdy fault dat u wre drunk n culdnt cntrol urslf. May da good lord 4gve u

  35. What u are doing is pure evil dear u should realy get proffesional help..ur now infecting inoccent guys!shame on u

  36. You don't have to do this my baby, you just need to take good care of your self. You can still live a long life if you stop doing what you are doing right now. It is wrong and cruel.

  37. Spreding d virus is nt a good idea.if u don't stop u might lost ur full family if every one u infected chose 2 pay u by revenge ples go to any winners church around u n ask 4 4giveness n tell them 2 pray 4 u to b free. ΩȊ̝̊̅†̥̥ђ ur faith HIV positive will b come negative i have seen it b4 ur case should nt b a difference.God bless u as u consider dis@ winner security

  38. You should 4give n 4get dia. That won't help or even cure you..

  39. there is someone i know who was born with the disease and now that person is in their 20s and suceeded they got it from their parents,think your situation is bad,think of a person who had to accept their parents fault and live the disease,its not a death setence imagine living with it until your 20s but u still fine,u just need to accept and look after yourself and trust God,stop spreading it.aint good at all!God have mercy

  40. She's dead already.

  41. Mmmm I feel sori 4 dis gal yoooh, infecting others won't cure u, what wll u get frm doing dis, I feel sorry 4 those women who r married 2 those married men, cause they r punished 4 sumthng they do nt know abt cause their men r cheating n they knw it a sin 2 cheat if u r marrie bt they doing it anyway it sad dat their wyf r caught in the middle of this, this gal z evil

  42. That's a dance with the devil... And a dance with the devil might last you forever

  43. I Support her 101% you fucken horny niggas don't give a flying fuck about women. You raping men & horny cheating me. You all deserve to fucken die. You don't even hestitate about no condom. You stupid & think with your dicks. I hope she reaches 5000 by end of next year

    PS: I'm a guy

  44. LMAO.javan bought the worst out of u.shame.i hope Jesus forgives u 4 ur unbearable sin.

  45. This story is not true

  46. This story aint true 300+ men in 4 months come on... She says she was depressed for how long a day? And besides 150+ at one college word mustve got out by. Now that she's a hoe and nigger must lay off. Or use rubbers for sure

  47. infect em all....thy cheatin

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  49. This gal wil die before the year ends. Probably some of these men she is sleeping with are already HIV positive, so she is only reinfecting herself shem

  50. Yoh eish I dnt knw wat 2 say beside dat she must get help it not right wat she is doing,oh my goodness the world is coming 2 an there are lot of people who are funny out there saying that she continue spreading this that not right people plz let's us b 2gether and stop her

  51. Personified SATAN

  52. she really needs help...God help her please

  53. The only thing is to stick to one partner and be faithful to your partner and abstain but to continue having sex with all the people in this world will damage the minor people even one of your parents will be infected also and yur younger brothers and sisters will be also infected.

  54. Ke yona mehleng ya bofelo!

  55. Amen 2 that

  56. Oh my gosh this is horrible. The thing is we as people we should be honest with each other. Now we are facing a hell of sickness which can spread withing seconds. I mean if this guy has been honest with u my sister from the first time, something like this would not have happened. I feel sorry for u coz this bastard ruined your life and everybody that u have infected. One potatoe ruins the whole bag

  57. You should be ashamed of yourself,so other men must die because of you!

  58. This is disgusting! She is sick in her head! Surely she will be cursed for being so selfish and infecting men on purpose.. It takes a real sicko to do this..

  59. That's a very sad story indeed!I hope she finds it in her heart to forgive so she can also live a normal & happy life

  60. But why??

  61. But now you endangering ur own female species baby girl...yoh the world is seriously coming to an end

  62. I'm 26 and also HIV + and this year may I will be 8 years living with this virus. But if you look at me, one would never tell. Iv got the curves and butt to die for and yes most men go after that but because I love myself and respect others I always use a condom. God loves me that's y he trusted me to carry this virus. Life is to precious to let this get to you my sister. This is not the end but instead it should be the begining of a good and healthy life style. Yes the guy was rong to have sex with u without a condom but u were also reckless for going drinking and getting drunk and even not knowing what u were doing. Everything happens for a reason. You shouldn't be going around spreading it. Think of all the women you are infecting. What if that same man u r sleeping with is also sleeping with ur mother and sisters. Grow up and be wise.

  63. Everybody cheats, wat if one of the man she sleeps with goes n sleep with ur girlfriend and she brings it back to u? Think my brother. One cannot repay evil with evil

  64. Disgusting

  65. whatever she has become is as a result of what that guy did to her. she has lost all hopes of living on this earth and she needs someone who can here her inner-self and accept her for what she is. she need a counsellor because her going hasn't been an easy one.
    I I were to meet her, I would ask her to stop this and re-construct her life because it's never too late. the suicide she is committing is too hard to bare and she should confess and leave everything up to God.

  66. HAHAHAHA now that ppl know wu u r,no man will ever touch you again hahaha n guess ur 2000 record is just a dream

  67. Aww this gal z so evil buh I feel sory 4 her I love you gal just accept God n things wil b ok wit u

  68. Lord hv mercy pls,intervene ur people are dying

  69. What you don't realize here is that the test you took could have been wrong, yo didn't wait for the window period to be re-tested. Maybe you were HIV- and you went and jumped to conclusions about REVENGE, you probably infected now if you weren't during the first test.

  70. You shud strt prayn 2 God and 4get abt the past love you

  71. God forbid

  72. Lady u need help" n all de man out plz stop rinning or chasing ladies" wen u plan hit n run she's planing 2 finish u" plz brothrs n sister less do sumting" dis lady needs help

  73. u nid help gal.....satan s using teling u

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. i dont think ur putting enough effort ur productivity is low ur stats should be changed from 4 to 10 u look like u can take the pounding

  76. If u not responsible who will be for u swearing won't help this woman people must look after them self


  78. Mhhmmhh cc you are something else. Are u for real?

  79. Ur sick in ur head lady,u need to accept jesus as ur lord savour.

  80. lol, What shit is this??

  81. Seek God.

  82. It's not too late to stop what you doing , YOU HAVE A CHOICE TO LIVE or YOU WANT TO DIE think of the families that are being affected.

  83. It's not too late to stop what you doing , YOU HAVE A CHOICE TO LIVE or YOU WANT TO DIE think of the families that are being affected.


  85. Lol, dis some sick shit.. Lyk realy!!����

  86. You knw wat I salute you...I don't blame u fr ur decision. I would have done the same if I was in your shoes

  87. Actually its not a dream she said she hopes to infect 2000 ppl not sleep with 2000 ppl.if its true and she has indeed slept with the 300 + men then she can even infect more than 2000 ppl by the end of the year.

  88. Lady Kill Them All..... I support u 100% man should stick to their one loyal partner and stop cheating

  89. true.

  90. The damage is already done the best you can do dearest sister is turn to Jesus to save your soul from the wrath of God. Of what benefit gaining tho whole world

  91. In jesus name I pray for that my sister to stop what she is doing,if she dnt what to stop she will go to HELL forever

  92. This is stupid, it maybe possible that those 324 men that she believe she has infected they are already infected before that means it just the reinfection of the virus to her, reducing her life. She must take the medication nothing as the cure is still under investigation.

  93. well said

  94. Your life is finish on earth you say,but now u also closing the door or heaven on you.please forgive them,repent n give your life to jesus,he can heal you.....

  95. "Stupid fuck" She has reinfected her self, coz im sure more than half of those men were already infected... Doing your second year yet you come accross as an unEducated fool... Dont mean to judge but if people with your level of thinking did not exist you would have never been infected to begin with... R.I.P when the time comes!

  96. Please my dear sister forgive those who offended you and Jesus Christ will forgive you. Because every body will die one day. Paradise is 4 my sister wether you are hiv virus,suffering from headheac,diebits,and other disease everybody will surely die. Please please spreading it to innocent people. Remember if eve you die one day there's judgement for you. Please for you to enter paradise when you die. Forgive that man that infected you with hiv. Because he will never go on punishment. and remember Jesus loves you and he will continue loving you throughout your life in this world. You the daughter of Jesus Christ. Amen by His Royal Highness king Igwilo ( Igwe mbanabo ) king of Nigeria south Africa.

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  98. People are so judgmental hey! Think for the fact that she has confessed she's trying to get help. I can only imagine what all this is doing to you child. I will pray for you and all the people who have been given the platform to judge!

  99. God Have Mercy

  100. Wat a sad stry...
    Bt most pipo hv been through hell nt tht earth torment u sayn u wantd 2kil yoself..fuck tht
    **jst know thz be4 u kip ruing de men's lifez out thr**AM CATCH..FIND U AND KILL U**Mack ma word coz u wil think asif am jst a guy who wants sex wth watch yo back**MACK THESE WORDS AM ON U

  101. I find it odd that all these men don't insist on using a rubber...

  102. Life is a vicious cycle, in order to take revenge on the world, you might infect one of your own family members, ever thought about that?

  103. What a pity... And the funny thing is it's not as easy to transmit HIV from female to male as is male to female. So probably it is less then what she hopes for. Not only that she is reinfecting herself making it that worse doubt she'll reach her target, I hope she doesn't.

  104. My sister i so lv u n nvr 4get dat u r beautiful n lord wil always loves u,now it's tym 4 u 2 change ur attitude 2ward life b positive n tnxz lord 4 gvng u a second chance of life,rmbr dat u r lucky 2 found out abt ur status while u r stil looking gud unlike if u were sick dying,so wake up n smell de coffee!

  105. Shamebon you lady because you only destroying yourself and are you 100% sure that dose men are getting infected by sleeping with them? Stop doing what you doing and find peace in God so that you will accept that your not dying but have the decease that wont kill you unless you let it kill you by not treating it. I hope you read this and get help

  106. Bitch need 2 be killed

  107. Everyone will Die don't you know that whether HIV Positive or not, So your Reason of doing this is Useless please stopped OK

  108. No matter how many times u do it nothn will change yo path is evil and filled with pure satanic thoughts may God be with you bcuz ryt now satan is....i dnt have it bt i would want d same thin to happen to d yung girls joining vasirty bt bcuz of yo dy at risk instead of being infected by d same ppl you have slept with so yo theory of hating men is stupid end of the day women will suffer for yo actions...yo dnt knw hw powerful d man upstairs is u wil know some day.... soon ppl are not stupid dy wil figure our who u are i mean 2nd year sexauly active ppl notice

  109. Girl u nid serious prayers,u more than serial killer..yoh.....

  110. 2 wrongs don't make right, seek help. All this people commenting should surely open ur eyes that someone cares out there. Their r millions living with HIV and has been able to continue with their normal life for over 20 years. What is done, is done. Get over it and move on, get a counselor, get medicine, good diet, ur selfesteem back PlUS Jesus and ur career. I wish I could meet u to help u out.

  111. But then what time do u study though? Please give yourself some love and stop giving the fact that you are positive attention. Live healthily, keep fit, study and be the hot lady with a career and a proper lifestyle despite what has happened in the past. Don't let urself be the victim of your status, its not worth it. You can really do better. And its just a matter of mind shift and focusing on building yourself. It is not the end of it. You can really do it.

  112. Wow! Exciting news. My dear just accept your condition, you can still lives better and healthier life

  113. Agent of Darkness!!! Ashaoooo!!!, Idoit. What kind of madness is this? Kenyan police arrest this crimal. U r worse than Osama, wizard!!! Wicked!!! Bustard!! Shame on you, u r a disgrace to all the women. Satan

  114. God should help you

  115. You need deliverance

  116. This woman must just reunite with the one she serves, the devil. There's really nothing wow about her and she's just a miserable person who doesn't deserve a chance to live. She thinks she all that and she's just a nobody...

  117. Damn girl.... I feel sorry for u.....

  118. Amen

  119. wats wrong woman u nt getting enough attention @ home please get a life.This is jus BS

  120. Lol tell me none of yours idiots believe this crap rubbish. This is just some made up story created by those twisted sick nigerians this idiots then posted a picture of a model to fool yall. Be glad they didn't post your sister or your mothers picture and wrote some bull story about her. Now this poor girl will probably get killed because of this mad stupid fuckers

  121. Believe me im not perfect myself so I don't want want to bring any Christianity nor any religeous comment but remember that everything U do to another comes back to U....good luck on your missions

  122. U sleg ....

  123. fuck her, this girl is lying y'all, don't get carried away. if it was true, she would hv been dead by now, with cross infection from all other aids carriers cheaters she claims she was screwing without rubber!

  124. Fotsek isdenge.

  125. Holy virgin, Mary mother of Christ, please help this young girl she is confused!

  126. God forgives seek him and heal your soul. I understand what your going through but its not worth the pain. You need to forgive and open your heart to love and understanding. Nothing can fail you faster than a negative mind. When you wish death upon yourself, it will flee from you. Just love yourself enough to walk away from this lifestyle.

  127. Have you thought of your young brothers and sisters that you putting at risk by your selfishness action the 324 men you have infected can destroy the how universe, you are pure stupid and can not reverse it, I feel sorry for you.

  128. How does one bang that much, yet still get to second year? How? In what world?

  129. LOL YOU command HIV to be destroyed? Funny as fuck man!

  130. If there is anyone to blame, it's yourself. You are responsible for your own life and you should have been responsible from the on set, that's why you woke up next to unknown man, because you are irresponsible.

    LIFE is more than what you doing right now, one day you will wake up and regret, # Enjoy while it last #

  131. peaple what about the guy, the girl is in deep pain, i am a man and a dont blame the woman the guy is very stupid

  132. 2 wrongs don't make a right, if then u re deeply hurt, infecting other people won't gv u closure.....but hey, who we to judge you, only God can judge u, however what u re doing is totally disgusting, I say repent, accept God and move on. If u went 2 varsity like all students, focused on ur studies rather than partying, none of this would hv happened, its life, funny enough "LIFE goes ON.

  133. Lmfao... Rollinig on the floor

  134. Really she is to blame for her actions, first she gets drunk and passes out and realises in the morning that some bustard "raped" her and then she blames the world for her dumb actions. She also thinks she is getting her revenge to Men, in reality is she is doing it to every man and woman, who will sleep with these infected man.

  135. Dear Lord Jesus Have Mercy. Oh God!!

  136. Michelle, dude your as fucked up as she is. I pray for you brother and her. Not all men put their dicks first and their conscious last wen it comes down to sex. Lord have mercy on both your souls

  137. Wow Satan

  138. Please just keep her the in Kenya she must not cross the Border,instead of taking care of her illness n build immune system n CD4 count

  139. Unfortunately she won't reach that 5000 cos she will die. It's not herself is the evil spirit in her. She needs deliverance. May God have mercy and deliver her. Amen.

  140. Omg I feel sorry for this young poor confused angry girl. People must stop judging her she is what she is because of the circumstances. This should be a lesson to both males and females. Stay true to your partners, use protection and you won't be infected. No one is to be trusted after all...some of u don't even know your status, secretly and unknowingly infecting your partners. Stop judging and help this girl


  142. You are stupid u know that, why would u do such things to those innocent man. No one repe you gal, the boy u slept with didn't deny sleeping with you. If you think he did rape you you should have reported it to the police, use right chanel to get that boy behind bars and don't let the whole world suffer because of your stupidity. You need Jesus in your life girl, Infecting 324 man it serious murder.

  143. hi anonymous,i just read this post that you made and I really feel your pain that a guy took advantage of you when you were drunk.No woman deserves that HOWEVER this mission that you are is absolutely Ludacris and very vengeful you are doing exactly what that guy did to you,infected an innocent person just because they let their guard down.I hope you know that you are not the only person with those kind of mission so there you are like a fool thinking you are Infecting where as you are also getting re-infected.You go on to boast about your hips and thighs if you are not careful my dear they will vanish right infront of your eyes.I feel very sorry for you because you are not well informed and on your mission to destroy you are only destroying yourself think that the HI virus is the only deadly disease out here well let me tell you something you never mentioned there are very painful diseases out here.I hope that you will be able to tell your story so bravely when you are in your need urgent help my dear..LOL I feel so sorry for you because you are only inflicting more pain on yourself.Goodluck with your pathetic mission you wont get very far

  144. The sorry ass men that are married deserve it they are cheating and i hope the bastards get whats coming

  145. I have been negetive all this years!! I was infected by a person who engaged me only to find that he wanted to infect me and go he wasnt serious. He is on a mission too. So im not sorry to say im going to do the same!im infected by a guys who stays in Durban!! Who goes around infecting women.

  146. Lord have mercy, this is too much... Sale usubuya Nkosi Jesu

  147. Pleas Lord forgive her let the Holy Spirit cleanse her and fullfil her with yoi love
    Ler her find peace in her heart. I pray for all the families sp that God can heal the inocent and protect the families
    God is bigger than Evil it can be stopped

  148. Damn u evil girl, you can't blame others what one A..hole did to you. You lucky you in Kenya in RSA you would have a bullet with your name written on it designation between your eyes, they say you put a sick animal down.

  149. Clearly very ignorant girl, first of all you need to do a research on HIV infection, out of the 324 men you might have just infected 10% as one sex session does n't guarantee infection.

  150. Oh wonderful what a genius girl I've ever heard of she is more like a sent angel,i wish i could meet you either interrogate with you as well it's sad for those who got affected sorry and petty you but all of the comments are doumb not knowing the goodies you got. . She is such a darling Kenya girls are the best.I've discovered

  151. My dear, the first thing to do is to forgive yourself. Accept what happened n move on. Believe in the Lord that with Him nothing I mean nothing is impossible. Take some fasting n prayer n ask God for a fresh start. Tho it's not God's doing for your virginity to be broken n hiv to infect you, surely He will heal you n use to heal many who are going thru this. You are a tough young beautiful and gifted lady n the devil is jealous n is trying to frustrate you so you can give. Surely God has a purpose about your took a poisonous substance n n HE took out poison n it became nonpoisonous substance. Please begin to see His love on you, dnt take it light - repent, forgive yourself, accept n make a fresh start. Believe in yourself...surely with God on your side, you will come out a winner.

    Bless you

  152. Revenge is not an option, let me tell u something you are created by God for a purpose.Jesus paid the price for sickness and desease so he loves u very much turn to him and he will heal you.

  153. If this is true, u aren't only infected those men. ur affecting their spouses and their children.
    May GOD handle u...

  154. Wat abt their partners ..

  155. Why does God has to allow such thing to happen, anywae the Lord is very near lyk seriously, the world is messed up very bad, people u should have a connection with heaven ths z taking me close more close to God now. The story of the world is ending n where du u stand wit ur God?

  156. Why does God has to allow such thing to happen, anywae the Lord is very near lyk seriously, the world is messed up very bad, people u should have a connection with heaven ths z taking me close more close to God now. The story of the world is ending n where du u stand wit ur God?

  157. Lol...i wear 2condoms...double prorected frm ur kind.

  158. You got drunk and let yo guard loose and now you blaming every man u meet, selfish bitch. But 4 men a day, thats impossible. Get a life and move on.

  159. Wow. Dont take that pain and add more onto it for you have no idea that there are so many other STI's out there that can make you suffer and die faster than you can imagine.

    Please Stop what you are doing and halt your mission for maybe you Will sleep with another man that had the same mission as you but suffering from something worse than HIV

  160. No what u r doing is very bad u r blaming man for ur own mistake sister.just accept n leave healthy revenge wont help u

  161. No man sister yes u are beautiful but now u are clearly not well taught about the viris u think ur spreading to those innocent fathers there your not only infecting them but destroying famalies and bread winers stop being selfish like the bustard who did that to you the viris will kill u b4 u reach your 2000 you think man are your worse nightmare dear GOD is you dnt wanna mess with that man u need Christ in your life not your childish behaiver there are kids there who will loose both parents because of your careless mistake what were you doing clubing @ night with boys if your parents were as strict you would have respected them and stay @ your hostel and done what you went to vasity for not to club and got your self in this mess now the whole world must suffer the very same mentality that u have about ur beauty n hips got you in this mess GROW UP hope this viris kills u quick b4 u destroy the world we don't need more monsters like you we have enough thank you just go its sad and wrong what that idiot did to u but ur worse than him I tell u

  162. dont forget that when you die, ofcorse its soon from now coz ur fucking re-infecting yourself. you will face GOD and he will surely take you to your fate, which is definately hell.

  163. Don't fool urself, about 300 of those men were also HIV+ an thy r on a mission jst lyk u r. 'So who's fooling who'

  164. im guessing you are saying this because u r a men or u also take advantage of good gals like her.. wat shes doing now is wrong but wat more abt the guy who splt with her while she was drunk and vulnarable? u also need to wake up .. both of you need prayers !!!!!!

  165. Well, the girl is well with in her right to fuck who ever she likes if a man is ignorant about HIV he will fall for her trap and that can not be blame on her (provided the man is over 18 of cause). She seem still be immature though because there is life after HIV she should not just wait for her death. And why is education around PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) not made available to the people as morning after pills are. I bet if she new about it none of this would have happened and she would only have to deal with the guy that raped her. And yes gentlemen he did rape her (If the story is as she said)

  166. Jesus Christ is coming soon this is indeed a sign...LORD HAVE MERCY

  167. That is ur own mistake, all this u doing now it will return back to you true brother or sister will be infected. Just pray to God help you.

  168. By the way.what you doing now won't take Aids away.what you should do is to accept the situation,you shouldn't be drinking to that extend you there to study remember?...shame I feel so sorry for you coz these thngs are gona keep getting back on you so this means there's so much more you going to do to this world! should be ashamed of yourself bitch

  169. Just kill that guy, then kill yourself and leave us alone

  170. lmao...congratulations you must be proud of yourself why manje be regarded as the "unnamed lady" !!! I'm sure this is your highest achievenment....You're a sick ass bitch i wonder why you didn't die on that poison mxm!!! Get help

  171. dont forget that when you die, ofcorse its soon from now coz ur fucking re-infecting yourself. you will face GOD and he will surely take you to your fate, which is definately hell.

  172. I wonder if there's some truthfulness in this article or it's just a fluff, if it's true she should be looking like a zombie due to re-infection unless if she was targeting virgins.

  173. People must use Condoms and stop blaming this lady.

  174. We all have a serious problem, is to take responsibility of our actions. No body force you to drink, but you did it yourself. You got so drunk that you couldn't remember what you were doing, that is bad and there is no one to blame. It's happened but trust me, there is one person who can restore you and heal all your pain and his name is Jesus. He died on the cross for you and me, and no disease is too difficult for him to heal. Just give your life to Christ and He will heal you. Sleeping around is just adding more bad spirit or demons in your life and is the way to your perdition. Please sister, be brave, stand up and stop giving your body (which is the Temple of the Holy Spirit) to all the men, good and evil. The 324 men you slept with are not saints and have a baggage, don't add more because what you are doing is just the work of the devil and being under his power. But don't forget, your body can suffer, but you must preserve you soul more than anything. May the Lord Almighty, be strengthen you and may the Holy Spirit touch you and change your way of thinking. What you have said must be a testimony from being a bad girl to a good girl and become the person God wants you to be. His plane for you is not evil but He has very good plane for your life.

  175. I undrstnd n feels ur pain. It's horrible n I feel pity for u. The guy was wrong to have infected u coz u are stil young n u had a bright future ahead. But instead of u stressing about revenge n sleeping with four men everyday, I'd advice u to concentrate on leading a healthy life, regain ur confidence n complete ur studies. There's light at the end of the tunnel... U can make it big in life but first, make peace with the past.

  176. This can't be true, if it's true she should seek professional psychological help. What is she made of if she can keep up with 4 men daily, no maan this isn't real.

  177. This is a hoax. And all of you need to sit and forget about this lunatic story

  178. Those men are not innocent, they're also very stupid why do they not insist on protection? And why r the married men having sex outside their marriages in the 1st place? The devil is using this girl and they're falling in2 his trap there's no need 2 feel sorry 4 them!

  179. Hoax! But be careful out there it's a fuc**n jungle.

  180. I do not blame u gal,u also took it is about sharing,dont know why people stress of aids cos is something that is gonna stay in us like it or not..if u dnt like iit bring the cure up..aids is like another product of this world.@ the end of the dae we all gonna die with or without aids,death is the only thing left for us..

  181. she have to wht best for her which is a write thing to do, mans like to follow the trouble before the trouble troubles them, the woman you chose in your life is most important that other things.

  182. dats some sick cold hearted shit tho,!!!

  183. By G. Moyana

    This girl is very stupid! her behavior is like that of an illiterate person. She doesn't sound like a university student. She thinks she is killing those men but she doesn't know that she is killing herself. Just for her to know: out of the 324 men that she claims she infected, more that 108 of them were already HIV positive before they slept with her - I can raise this figure to above 216, or even the whole 324 men - basing on the fact that these men do not worry sleeping with this girl without using protection. If this is true, then this girl will probably die not of the original HIV infection that she got from her fellow student, but from re-infection as a result of multiple sexual intercourse with a "flock" of men.

    I really doubt if this girl is normal! She sleeps with 4 men every day! What time does she sleep with these men? In the morning? No! (she will be preparing to go for lectures). In the afternoon? No! (she will be busy with lectures). In the evening? Maybe yes! Then in just one evening (or night to make it a sense), she serves 4 men! While other girls are busy studying and doing their assignments, she will be busy sleeping with 4 men! She probably should be snoring during lectures! It means every day she sets 4 appointments with 4 different men! What a champion she is!

    Either she is what she claims she is (but only under the parameters I have set above), or she is lying!

    Either way, this girl needs help. This girl needs cancelling before it's too late, and the only people who can help are the people who live around her. She needs a very strong cancelling that sleeping around with different men is not a solution to her problems or stress. If this guy slept with her while she was drunk, how did she know that it really was that particular guy? Then this guy possibly raped her and the only first action the should have taken was to go and report that guy immediately, and this girl would have been taken for medical help before it was too late. Where did she go to sleep after she got drunk? Because it sounds like this guy just had "access" to sleep with her, taking advantage of her drunkardness! If she had gone to her hostel to sleep, this guy wouldn't have had access to touch her because we know that in hostels about 2 or 3 or 4 girls stay together, and a guy cannot just enter and sleep with a girl. This may only happen under pre-arrangements at dedicated venues.

  184. Hello young gal! Being HIV positive is not a death sentence. I was dating a gal for 4 years and when we went HIV testing she turned out positive. I supported her throughout and encouraged her to share the news with siblings and parents when she felt comfortable about it and she eventually disclosed. We started using a condom from there onwards and the good news is we've been married for 7 years. What a wonderful marriage! We love each other so dearly and some people are even jealous of the relationship. The lessons I want you to learn from my experience is
    1. Friends and family members are waiting for you to disclose and you'll be suprised about the overwhelming support you'll get.
    2. There is life after being infected with HIV

    3. It is not always possible to infect a man with one(1) encounter. So dont take that route. You are actually re-infecting ourself with a different strain of the virus.
    4. You'll be married and enjoy life evev if you are positive.
    This is just one hurdle in life, carry on with your studies, concentrate on your health and enjoy life.
    Goodluck my dear.

  185. Very true my friend she must think twice she is still young beautiful

  186. Hooo,infecting other people won't make ur illness to go away nt it will add more 2 the one that u have, so u have 2 make peace with that n stop infecting other ppl purposely

  187. I'm Going to stop it soon. Worry out Guyz.

  188. Doing what you doing won't take the pain away or restore your virginity being a bad gal doesn't help or take the dead sentence away remember behind the married man or unmarried man there are women who did nothing to you but they are paying for your irresponsible ways so pls let god fight this bentle for you may the good lord be with you

  189. Sis man

  190. Sis man

  191. Young lady...I am so very sorry for what happened to you...but you can't hold other men responsible for what happened to you...this is truly something you never were raped...& rape is absolutely wrong...if you do the right'll have plenty of life left to educate others on how to protect're a child of God...he loves you no matter what...please...find forgiveness for that you may have peace...praying for you, Sister...God bless you...

  192. bottom line. stick to one partner and avoid cheating period.

  193. Stupid ass bitch u probably deserve it cuz 9/10 u gave it up to him so tell the truth.

  194. Stupid ass bitch 9/10 u gave it up to him while u sayn he took it and da only thing u said was did u wear a condom apparently u wanted it.

  195. Please, forgive and forget. God shall restore you, because he has a plan for you. Praise the Lord.

  196. This is not a true story it cannot happen. God forbid!

  197. It pains to hear such wars do exist btwn our brothers nd sisters. To me u should be using this chance to come out a winner. Be like our father Madiba, use ur anger constructively

  198. Mxm sis u blame men for yo own mistake. I swear if I c you I will kill u bastad

  199. Hello,i am Vivian by name and i am from south Africa,let me give this testimony to the public about a great man who help me out in serious illness I have HIV/AID for good 5year and I was almost going to the end of my life due to the way my skin look like all I have in my mind is let me just give up because life is not interesting to me any longer but I just pray for god every day to accept my soul when ever I’m gone lucky to me my kids sister run to me that she found a doctor in the internet who can cure HIV/AID she help me out on everything the man ask for, so he can cast a spell on me from his temple after all he ask of me was done, later I started getting more stronger my blood started to flow normally for 4 to 5 days I start getting Weight before a month my body started developing my skin started coming up after 2month I went for HIV test and I was tested negative I’m so happy that I can say I’m not an HIV/AID patient again.if you have HIV/AID or any sickness please contact dr Favour now.his email is: or you can call his mobile number +2347032884728 i wish you good luck on this God bless you all.

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