Meet Nigerian Born Clifford Oche Turned Miss Sahhara

Transgender Clifford Oche lived in Abuja for several years before moving to London, United Kingdom, where he has been living as a female for over 7 years now as Iris Sahhara Henson a.k.a Miss Sahhara.

Sahhara is a 29-year-old singer, supermodel not forgetting a 'pretty woman' with lots of charisma enough to go for the 2011 Miss International Queen pageant in Pattaya, Thailand and becoming 1st runner up in the competition. Who would believe she was born male?

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  1. if this story is true then miss sahara needs to know he can try another way.He can tell God the conflict his mind is facing with his gender and ask God to help since God is against such feelings and he doesnt want to despise his birthrite as a man.God always answers prayers

  2. Oh PUHLEASE 'Anonymous' moron above. ^ - Why are you questioning GOD's perfection ? You profess to be a believer BUT if u truly were you should already know HE makes NO mistakes. Sahhara is exactly as perfect as GOD made her, as she is !! ...
    If she were to need pray for anything it'd be for others to stop judging & spouting rubbish in his name. God never wrote the bible - MAN did !!! ... So if anyone's in need of divine intervention & a touch of wisdom it's YOU, you ignorant bigot. Otherwise just keep your unwanted cowardly anonymous comments to yourself f*€kw*t !

  3. I used 2 know clifford in benue state university som yrs back,na wa o! D end tym is at hand! Dia is God o!

  4. Beautiful and sexy dresses loved the look . People should stop beefing and face their own pathetic lives . Kmft

  5. like really dis is so pathetic,a lot of strange thins happening in dis mysteriou world ,jst like the bible says in the end times diferent abominable things will be happening,no wonder god desroyed sodom and gomora,dat fella nids real deliverance,from man 2 woman?really absurd

  6. miss sahhara which i knew as clifford oche was my friend n neighbour when we are in school@Benue state university makurdi Nigeria. Such is life

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