I Have Always Wanted To Make Love To My Mother

Even as a teenager, when she would come to kiss me goodnight and I could see her breast as she leaned down, I have been so turned on at the thought of having a sexual relationship with her.
I know this is wrong and have never approached it, but I believe I would if I knew she would go along with it. After my father passed away she was so lonely and over the next few years I heard her say she missed the sex.
She remarried and for few years things were ok, then I heard her mention to my wife that my step dad couldn’t get an erection any more. And she still liked sex, she was 68 at the time, she is 70 now, she looks maybe 50.
Still has a great body. I still want to make love to her. Anyone out there in the same position or ever think of such, or am I just twisted in the head?

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  1. I think, rather you should be ashamed of your thoughts,more especially to publish them.you are an embarrassment to this world.pray hard for god to fogive you and let this cup pass you.shameless devil of lust.

  2. How dare you think of such a thing.crazy dude you should fel ashamed of yourself.after all you have a wife.shame on you

  3. Its a devilish thought,I advise you to go for a deliverance.

  4. u need a great deliverance

  5. Shame on u a o kenwe ke mademona

  6. I think yo head need 2b examined.u a mad and fool

  7. Olori buruku omo lasan ikeji aja. Sure uve gone nut. Pls tell ur mother to tak u to a psych

  8. The truth is that, you're being possessed by a spirit of the BEAST. Better go to a good Bibile believing church and seek deliverance. it is not of human to have canal knowledge of their mother but rather, a characteristics of the lower animals in the Beast category.

  9. You are mad my brother na handsome man like that but with an ugly mind

  10. onyala. I your mother sweet? Okn do job your father was doing.

  11. dis guy dey kolo ooo,can u imagine?

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